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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC,                  8l

how I was workod tip to it, or had emirate to
make the proposal ; hut I did so-th;it if ih*
thought herself in dan#T, my survitvs wnv at
her command, and that she could eonw with m*
to England in the dis^uiso of my maid, wlutni I
could easily dispose of by sending hrr, HIS*I* *
some pretext, to her friends at St. Germain, Sh<*
thanked mt: and smiled faintly, hut said nothing
would induce her to leave her family. Sin; add* d
that she had refused other offers of the s.utie s*rt.
" Besides/*--and r.lui looked round-*'M je, rttul.ii ,
cda nc se pottrrtrit /us; il y a Ir^p i/V//^;','."

1 took leave of }UT with r*;;n*t and utT'vfi<>r;.

1 am sorry to Kay I havy IwftJii inJ^intrd
by one of the Qw'n*s friends that ih*n* i*
s<anc douht of the pt;rft*ct luldity of *\l;iLuii*t

As it happ?m*dt it \va lucky my ofit-r was not
acc*ptt<!, for on my arrival at Uoultt^tw fh** c%*ir
riagc was assailed by a luinli* of pviujyJ^, who
accused me of bdng thu mistrrs** of this J)uki-
d'Orleans,              after him to linghuidS. Thry

declared 1 should not leave* J%ancc*

ImaKine my terror* 1 put my head out of
the window to addrttss thuuu " JCcoufr/, <Jrouti%"
said one or two of thrm. 4I Mestiami's," saul I>
as poliUjly as my f?ar would lt-t wt, *fayr/ li

VOL    II                                                                           5